The Mustang Mach E and Everything You Need to Know

It’s weird for Ford to be the underdogs for once. You see, not too long ago, Ford was considered as one of the best vehicle manufacturers in the world. We still think they are, but they have had to adapt lately. They’ve killed off their entire sedan line, they’re focusing heavily on SUVs, and they’re one of the leaders in construction/worksite vehicles. But now, they entire an entirely different arena with a brand-new contender… the Mustang Mach E and it looks B E A U T I F U L


The Mustang Mach E

I recently told one of my buddies that I was going to have to trade in my Tesla Model 3 for a more “family-oriented car” because there’s not enough space for a newborn. He asked what I was considering and I said “Probably the Mustang Mach E” and his response was something I didn’t really consider. He said “I’M SURE THAT’S A GREAT FAMILY CAR”.

The Mustang Heritage

This pointed out something to me that’s going to be hard for people to grasp until these vehicles are mainstream. The Ford Mustang is considered one of the oldest muscle cars in the world. As a result, drivers expect distinct driving dynamics and design. Probably the most important thing Ford can do here, is nail the driving dynamics and design.

Without having sat in an actual Ford Mustang Mach E and taken it for a joy ride, we can’t comment on the driving dynamics. However, we do have a few things on this topic to talk about. But since we can’t directly comment on that, let’s get straight into the things that we can talk about.


The Mustang Mach E draws heavily on it’s muscle car ancestors with a long frontal area, sequential tail lights, the three-bar daytime running LEDs, and an aggressive grill (which is obviously not a grill on the EV).

Ford was also very adamant on putting the Mustang Pony logo in a variety of places for you to know that this is a mustang. Additionally,

Battery and Range

The Mustang Mach E is built on an entirely new platform by Ford specific for this vehicle and will sport a 68kWh or a 88kWh of usable battery. It’s important to highlight that Ford is being very conservative with their buffer as to protect the battery.
With the battery sizes, Ford is estimating roughly 230 miles for RWD or 210 miles for AWD on the 68kWh pack, and 300 miles for RWD or 270 miles for AWD on the 88kWh pack.
These are decent sized packs with pretty okay mileage. They may be a bit conservative in their estimations, and we won’t know for certain until the EPA ratings come out, but for a first attempt EV and an SUV, these are pretty good.


The Mustang Mach E has obviously taken inspiration from Tesla in their infotainment. They have a 15.5” touch screen middle screen infotainment powered by HTML5 with a 10.2” instrument cluster behind the wheel. This starkly contradicts the center-screen-only approach that Tesla is using in its Model 3 and Model Y.
The rear seats are equipped with a 60/40 split and a spacious trunk. The Mustang Mach E has a 5 seat interior and a panoramic moonroof. All things considered, it’s a gorgeous interior. You get what you’d expect with a standard car from Mustang — a no frills, no fuss interior that does exactly what you’d need.


The Mustang Mach E is in one of those “love-it-or-hate-it” boats. The design can be very polarizing and we can see why. When you take a car such as the Mustang, you expect a certain design and a certain set of features. You want sleek lines, low seating height, loud exhaust, beautiful headlights… you get the idea. We feel like the Mach E nailed the keys from its big brother. However, we feel the Ford team made sure that if you saw this on the road, you’d know it was a Mustang Mach E and not a Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang Mach E


The Mustang Mach E seems to be a contender with electric vehicles, but it won’t be taking any trophies home from the drag races. The Mustang Mach E is targeting the mid 5 seconds 0-60mph range on the “Select” model. However, their GT edition will boast a mid 3 second 0-60mph. This ties the Tesla Model Y Performance with the Ford Mustang Mach E. If Ford is able to tie Tesla on their first production EV model, they’ve made themselves a contender. Going forward, Ford will be able to expand on this for future vehicles. And should they target a performance package for any future vehicles, they’re well poised to make a big splash.


Ford has long been using their own infotainment, as most manufacturers do. The Ford Mustang Mach E will use Ford SYNC 4. This is a ground-up rebuild of this software with a focus on user experience. Ford has reportedly focused on responsiveness and a software that “learns as you use it”. Ford will suggest certain actions depending on your location and your habits. For example, if you leave from work every day at 5PM and head home, SYNC will suggest an optimal route to get you home. Even further, if you call your spouse on the way home, Ford will also suggest making that call.

mustang mach e sync 4a
Ford Sync 4A

Over The Air Updates

Ford also plans to introduce over-the-air updates with the Ford Sync 4A. This is huge as this is one of the major selling points for Tesla. If Ford is able to successfully push out updates for their infotainment, this is a big win for “legacy” auto manufacturers; however, more importantly, Ford says they will be able to adjust every aspect of the vehicle. From braking, to acceleration, to charging, to their infotainment, every module can be updated via OTA.
This gives Ford the ability to change the car long after you pick it up and prevents you from having to go to a dealer/mechanic for most things.

Is the Mustang Mach E Worth it?

Well, right now, it’s hard to tell. On paper, this thing looks s w e e t. However, the not so sweet part is the price. The Select (230 miles rated range, 0-60 in mid 5s) is starting at $43,895 before any tax incentives. Ford is still eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit. This brings the net cost down to $36,395. Even with the tax credit, however, the more premium models start at $50,000 for 230 miles and go up depending on whether you want an AWD and an extended battery to boost it to 300 miles.

Tesla is poised to give better bang for your buck, with a Model Y Long Range (rated for 316 miles) costs only $49,990. Granted, this is before factoring in whether you’re purchasing their full self drive package (hint: not worth it) or a different color interior.

But once these ponies get out into the wild, we’ll be able to tell a lot more about the vehicles in terms of fit and finish, real world range, driver assistance packages, and whether they can deliver on their OTA updates.

So right now, if we absolutely had to get an answer to the question “is it worth it?” we’d say… no, not yet. We think it’s worth holding out for this vehicle before purchasing a Model Y, too, though.

It’s great to have competition and should Ford get their economies of scale going for the Mustang Mach E, this should drive the price down and hopefully make it more affordable. For now, sit on your money and let the auto giants duke it out for your dollar.

What We Missed

We may have missed some important details. There are tons of resources out there for this vehicle. I recommend visiting or Ford’s own website:

These are two great resources that should be able to handle any questions or concerns you may have.

What do you think?

Let us know what you think below. Is the Mustang Mach E an insta-buy for you, or will you be holding out to see what the rest of the EV market looks like going into 2021?

Till next time, folks, thanks for checking out our look into the all-new 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E. Stay juiced and enjoy the drive.