The Volkswagen ID.3 Has Landed


The day has come! The Volkswagen ID.3 has made it’s way into the hands of customers who preordered their vehicle and it looks fantastic!


Aesthetics and Build

We understand that vehicle looks are entirely subjective, and this may not be everyone’s cup of tea; however, this thing is sweet! We’ve noticed that all EVs are taking different design cues than their ICE counterparts. There’s no grill (at least not a major one), and aerodynamics are king so door handles are hidden as much as possible, and wheels are focused entirely on squeezing out the most range possible.

The result is cars are now more bubbly and curved… and the ID.3 embraces the design wholeheartedly. There is, however, cues from their previous line of hatchbacks like the Golf GTI. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of Volkswagen’s first real shot at Electric Vehicles… (we’re purposely ignoring the e-Golf).

Now obviously, we can’t comment on the build quality of this vehicle as we haven’t had a chance to sit in one (and probably never will). BUT, man… this thing looks SOLID. I haven’t seen any videos with massive panel gaps or Home Depot safety latches. Overall, looks very solid and hopefully the new owners can back up my speculation.


With an optional Heads-up Display, Lane-assist, adaptive cruise control, and a few fun things like the Matrix headlights “greeting you” as you approach the car, the ID.3 is sure to impress when it comes to technology. It’s not groundbreaking self-driving technology, but I don’t think it’s trying to be either. Volkswagen is staying within their realm of comfort right now. It seems like they’re trying to get their feet wet first with an entirely new vehicle rather than trying to do everything all at once. Smart move.

You see, in our opinion it’s important to get the fundamentals correct before trying to do anything else. If you’ve ever played golf (PLEASE tell me you got this joke…), you know the most important thing are the fundamentals. In fact, you can’t even hit the damn ball if you don’t do everything at least relatively correctly. And then, if you do 9/10 things correctly but do 1 thing wrong, the ball doesn’t do what you thought it would. So, we think this is absolutely brilliant to kill it on the fundamentals, examine the consumer feedback, and iterate from there.

Battery and Charging

Volkswagen really hit it out of the park in this area… and it makes us hopeful for their future EVs. According to Volkswagen, there are three available battery sizes available for consumers. Dubbed “small”, “medium”, and “large”, the battery sizes are 45 kWh, 58 kWh or 77 kWh, respectively. For reference, Tesla has their Standard Range Plus Model 3 at 55kWh and 70kWh in their long-range and performance models.

This is great and this is something that legacy automakers will get right out-of-the-gate. Giving consumers options is the absolute most important thing. But the even more important thing is that Volkswagen is claiming ” 260 miles in 30 mins, in quick charge mode with DC (direct current) with 100 kW performance”. That’s impressive for 100kW. If they ever unlock the pack and enable higher charging levels, this will be one of the faster charging EVs available.


CleanTechnica – Comparing Volkswagen ID.3 to Tesla Model 3 — Prices, Range, Features

As you see above, the Volkswagen ID.3 has a comparable price to the Tesla Model 3 SR+ with a few more rated miles of range, a much slower 0-100km/h (or 0-60mph for you Freedom Unit readers). Again, this is expected. Volkswagen seems to be focusing on just making EVs with good range and the typical VW build quality. And the lower cargo space is a given… just go look at both cars.

With the lower prices, this will be a very great contender for the markets where this car is available… which leads us to our next point.


Unfortunately for the US readers here, this car is exclusive to Europe. HOWEVER, the fact that Volkswagen is serious about EVs and is able to get the vehicle out in a reasonable time manner, this is a win for even the US readers here. You see, the US will eventually get their EV Volkswagen. At that point, they will have some data from their batteries and motors and THEN… the US will benefit.

Consumer Perception

From the few people that have had their vehicles, it’s a bit harder to get videos. This will change as more people receive their cars; however, this is Chris from Battery Life YouTube. And his reactions are glowing. I watched the entire video, and man… these look so good.


Man, if I ever get out to Europe I’m absolutely going to test drive one of these vehicles. These look awesome and I’m excited to see what Volkswagen can do going forward with their EV platform. Let us know in the comments below if you’re in the market for a Volkswagen ID.3 and when you’re expecting your car!