How Ultra Fast EV Charging Shatters Range Anxiety

If you’ve thought about getting an EV, I bet the thought of taking road trips and running out of charge was a huge deterrent. However, ultra fast EV charging enables EV owners to travel without the fear of being stranded. When I first started researching if an EV would fit my lifestyle, I was very concerned about range. I wish there were posts like this that made it a bit easier to squash my fears. There are three levels of EV charging, and each of them are important for a variety of people.

Trickle Charging (Level 1)

Let’s break down the charging levels. Trickle charging, level 1 charging, slow charging… there’s a bunch of synonyms you could throw in here. But the important thing to know that this is likely the most common (I have no stats to back this up) charging solution for most EV owners.

Level 1 charging is done on a standard outlet and is the slowest charge you’ll find. By simply plugging into any standard outlet, your vehicle will charge at (likely) 5kW. Surprisingly, this will net you roughly 5mph (8kmh for you non-freedom unit readers). If you’re like most drivers, and you get home around 5PM, this will be sufficient charging! I know it’s hard to believe, but most users only drive between 5-25 miles per day. So, if we do some napkin math here you’d only need 5 hours to cover your daily miles driven.

Charging (Level 2)

There really aren’t any names that EV drivers have come up with for level 2 charging. Level 2 charging is charging still done at home, but at a much faster rate. For example, depending on the breaker installed, you could charge anywhere from 20mph (32kmh) to 42mph (67kmh). When I first got my Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, I had a 50 amp breaker installed with a 14-50 plug. This allowed me to do something I imagine most new EV owners do: mash the accelerator.

When you do some very spirited driving, you’re able to burn through your charge rather quickly… showing off the acceleration is something all new EV owners have done (and should continue to do!) And by having the 14-50 installed in my garage, I was able to continue this until I finally (unfortunately) became numb to the acceleration. I can now charge my car from 20%-80% in just roughly 5 – 6 hours! However, the problem with this level of charging is that it has to be done at home. If you’re going on a road trip, you will absolutely not want to stop for 5 hours to charge; not to mention finding a place to do this.

Ultra Fast EV Charging (Level 3)

Ultra fast EV charging solves this issue! Level 3 charging, DC Fast Charging, Ultra fast EV charging… pick your poison on the names here. They’re all synonymous. These are not available to home owners, but they’re very well placed.

If you’re in the Tesla ecosystem, your car comes equipped with hardware to charge on Tesla’s proprietary ultra fast EV charging stations, known as Superchargers. Depending on the model and year of your vehicle, their fastest chargers can charge (albeit very briefly) for 1000mph (1609kmh). To put this into perspective, to go from ~11% to 65%, you’re looking at a very brief 15 minutes of charge time.

My car can only charge at roughly 170kW or roughly 680 miles per hour (1094kmh). This is just enough time to go to the bathroom and grab a drink and we’re onto the next stop.

If you’re not in a Tesla, fear not! There are a number of ultra fast ev charging stations placed throughout the world that will enable you to road trip effectively.

Electrify America Charger Map

The above map was taken on Sep 21, 2020. These are the EV charging stations that Electrify America provides for public use. Manufacturers such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, and soon Lucid Motors will all rely on. I suspect this will grow exponentially in the coming years. If you’re curious, visit their website to see how far from an ultra fast ev charger you are.

Say Goodbye to Range Anxiety

Due to the effectiveness of the ultra fast EV charging networks, you can say goodbye to range anxiety. After living with an EV myself for more than a year, I can easily say that it’s just as easy to road trip in my EV than any ICE car.

If you’re on the fence about buying an EV due to range anxiety, rest assured that between home charging and ultra fast ev charging, you’ll be well equipped to take your car (almost) anywhere.

Still don’t believe us? Check out Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Motoring and the traveling he’s capable of because of the ultra fast ev charging networks.

Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Motoring

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Till next time, folks, thanks for checking out our insight on ultra fast ev charging! Stay juiced and we’ll catch you next time.