About Us

Two Forty Volts’ entire focus is on the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. Born out of a desire to create a community for all EV owners and enthusiasts, and a way to answer questions for potential new owners and brand-new EV owners.

Two Forty Volts takes an unbiased approach to the EV industry. None of our writers hold any stocks in any automobile company producing EVs, and if this were to change, we’d make it blatantly obvious.

The attempt of 240V is to maintain the journalistic integrity that is slowly dissipating from the creativity genre. We’re focused on providing facts and expect our readers to

  1. Hold us accountable if the sources are poor; and
  2. Call us on our inaccuracies to prevent spreading false information

Isaac (me) is the owner and the sole writer for 240V. I currently owns a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus and have plans to trade this in for a variety of reasons.

We appreciate you taking the time to check out our website and hope you’ll come back often.